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Enjoy your beautiful tank and let the Fish Lady take care of the rest

Water Changes

Cleaning a fish tank is hard work! We can organise a weekly, fortnightly or monthly water change based on your tank requirements.

Water Testing

To keep fish healthy we will test your water regularly and adjust if necessary to make sure the parameters are right for your fish.

Glass Cleaning

A beautiful fish tank starts with nice clean glass, cleaning the glass is part of our regular maintenance.

Filter & Media Cleaning

Filter and Media cleaning needs to be done regularly to keep the bacterial balance of the aquarium 100%. It is one of the less glamorous parts of aquarium upkeep but it needs to be done. I will ensure this is done for you on a regular basis.

Fish Health Checks

The most common question I get asked is ``what's wrong with my fish?`` I can diagnose fish disease quickly and accurately. Just as importantly, I can discuss with you the best course of action in your specific situation.

Aquarium Aquascaping

Want to get the full effect of an underwater world? I can aquascape your aquarium to suit the fish and the tank size. Plants can be great for fish health and increase the overall look of the aquarium.

About the Fish Lady

Over 30 years experience maintaining and services aquariums in the Melbourne area.

Professional Design

The Fish Lady has years of experience and can help design an aquarium to the customers exact specifications. Whether it be a unique freshwater planted aquarium, or a stunning reef aquarium, The Fish Lady will design an aquarium is based on individual requirements, whether this is within a corporate, retail or residential environment; I understand that a design has to suit the location where it is situated.

Tank Installation

From concept to design then installation and finally after care services, The Fish Lady aims to provide a service that embodies her passion for animal welfare while creating a bespoke design that suits the needs of the customer.

Tank Maintenance

The Fish Lady can provide you with a tailor made service, catering from a one off visit to weekly or monthly maintenance. Whether, you're struggling to understand the basics of your system and just advice, or a service that lets you take a back seat and just enjoy your aquarium. I offer a maintenance service that suits your requirements.

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